Selectively Lawless


Synopsis: In the early twentieth century, money, power, and reputation were king. With outlaws like Pretty Boy Floyd and Baby Face Nelson roaming the streets, it was a lawless time, with lawless individuals taking their fates and fortunes into their own hands.

Emmett Long was one of them. Bank robber, moonshiner, gambler, and on occasion even a killer, he made his own rules. Instead of dying at the young age of thirty-something in a blaze of guns and fury, he lived to a ripe age, reformed his ways, found Christianity, married a good woman, and raised a family.



What A Life!


Synopsis: Several years ago, my daughter in law, Lorraine Dunnington, gave me a candy jar filled with strips of paper as a gift. Each strip had either a question or subject on it. You would then write whatever came tomind. The theory being by the time you got to the bottom of the jar, you would have written yourlife story.Aside from learning what goes on behind the scenes during a Presidential Campaign, you may gain some benefit from comparing your life to mine. Despite significant challenges, I’ve always landed on my feet, taken care of my family, and made a difference to those around me.



I started Selectively Lawless on my vacation and couldn’t put it down.

Jared, Amazon Reviewer

The story came alive with each small, short narrative..

Olga, Amazon Reviewer

About The Author

Author ASA DUNNINGTON has lived his own storied life. Born June 7, 1939, in Logan, Iowa, his adventures have taken him from writing for a newspaper to serving in the Air Force to working on a Presidential campaign. A dreamer in his own right, Dunnington believes in achieving great things, whatever your calling may be.

Dunnington met the larger-than-life figure at the center of his book while on vacation with his first wife, who was Emmett Long’s niece. He immediately knew he had found someone special, and he soon agreed to record Emmett’s life story. The resulting narrative history became Selectively Lawless: The True Story of Emmett Long, an American Original.

In addition, he has also written an autobiography, What a Life!: An Autobiography. Dunnington is now married to his second wife, Cheryl, and he has three children and nine grandchildren.